EP03: The Ocean, The Moon, and Lilith

Artist and pinko, punko, proto-rabbi Seth joins us to discuss uncovering ancient Jewish goddesses and deities through linguistic deep dives into the Talmud. In particular, we trace the convoluted yet compelling poly triad of our hostile and indifferent lesbian moms: the ocean, the moon, and their demon girlfriend Lilith. Also, turns out the Leviathan was a lady and God has maybe turned her into (kosher) jerky for us to eat at the end of the world. Who is she and… how does she taste?

Topics Touched:

Ugaritic poetry, ancient Hebrew, divine inspiration, Schooner A.J. Meerwald, near death experiences at sea, Tehom, Tiamat, Joseph’s technicolor dreamcoat was a lady’s dress, Titanomachy, Marduk and Apsu, creation myths, the Leviathan, Kosher apocalypse, The Eschaton, the archaic mother, Rashi, Rabbinical logic, returning light to the moon, Lilith

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