EP09: Wild Critters

This week we welcome poet and shark-lover Wren to discuss critters, creatures, and creepy-crawly moms of all kinds. You can find Wren on Twitter @suitofscales and be sure to check out his work at wrenhanks.com. Sabrina also joins again to discuss the wonders and horrors of the natural world and its multitude of mothers.

Topics Touched:

sharks, the intensity of mantis shrimp mothers, the philandering of mantis shrimp fathers, New Orleans, the fact that baby sharks are adorably called pups, warm feelings for sharks, the heart-warming fact that baby lemon sharks form childhood friendships, the social mores of great white sharks and their love of big ladies, beautiful and mysterious goblin sharks, majestic emoji-faced whale sharks, alligator gar and their poisonous eggs, snails colonizing Wren’s toilet, living in trash swamps, wild hogs, mama gators, alligator sex and nest temperature, rats, hawk drama (the male hawk in question is not Pale Male), Pale Male, living side by side with critters

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