About The Hosts

Your local creature, Carrow Narby, is a writer and PhD student living in a swamp somewhere in coastal Massachusetts. Their essays have been published in The Establishment, The Toast, and Bitch magazine—but their New Year’s resolution was to never ever write another thinkpiece and, ideally, to stop thinking altogether. More recently, their short fiction has been featured in The Fem and Podcastle. Carrow might be a little bit obsessed with monster-moms. Their favorite archetypal mother-figure is the gorgon Medusa and their favorite mom-themed piece of media is The Exorcist. You can find Carrow on Twitter @LocalCreature.

Co-host and producer, Julian K. Jarboe, is a writer and sound designer living in Salem, Massachusetts. A short walk from their house is a beach that used to double as an animal graveyard and now serves as a spot for an annual ritual bonfire of Christmas trees. It is extremely cursed. Recent work by Julian can be read in Strange Horizons, Smokelong Quarterly, and The Fairy Tale Review. Their favorite mom-themed piece of media is probably Steven Universe. They tweet @JulianKJarboe.